Do you love processes?

BPM: Processus, toujours un thème central. Ce séminaire a lieu en Europe pendant tout 2007.

Some very nice useful charts, from Gartner, about best of BPM, and a lot of additional charts.
Among these, this one about BPM and SOA relation, or another one

but… what about HOP (Human and Organizational Performance)?
Must human problems be treated before technological and organizational problems? Old debate.

Is corporate performance depending from good management of management processes?
Sure it is a key necessary condition, but not sufficient!

Projects and processes are closely related:

– What is a process ? many good definitions, but one way is to see it as a never ending project.
So you can apply some of project methodologies to processes.
Why not, for example, prototype a process as we, in agile companies, prototype projects?

– Alignment of projects with strategies is key. To do that, we have to recognize that 90% of projects are created to optimize way of doing, processes. So, project prioritization needs first processes prioritization!

…so what’s new about IT projects ?

New world of IT projects, towards globalized agile companies…
and some still alive good laws about conditions of IT projects success (systems integration, databases, IT governance, cost reduction, and delegating work to IT)



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