Do you think IT governance is easy? and to be CIO?

Governing IT (look at this PWC perfect report) is (and that is not new!) key for company performance:
Strategic alignment is key, but clearly a subtle adaptive one, not too mechanistic…
What are CEO feelings on that?

Some new innovative ideas on this old alignment topic, like this definition of IT organizations as fitting into one of three categories, which called Solid Utility, Trusted Supplier, and Partner Player.
McKinsey emphasizes on some conditions of success…

All that relies usually on CIO. He is responsible of all dimensions of IT Governance (Strategic Alignment, Operational Efficiency, Risk Management, Security, Business Continuity, Change Management, System Integrity, Cost Management, Regulatory Compliance, Value Delivery):
Don’t forget that sometimes IT can put you out of business!

CIO priorities on theses subjects evolve, and more

Recently published, on those topics:
On Security : Web2 increases security risks and is a new challenge, and globalization is another key issue…
On Compliance: Compliance environment in US and more
On Business continuity
With such responsibilities, why CIO careers are not more dynamic, does CIO still means « Career Is Over« ?



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