Knowledgable ?

– Just found a good new book about KM and performance manager. It examines the partnership between decision-makers and the people who provide them with information to drive better decisions and suggestions for 42 decisions areas, taking into account the need to understand your data, but also plan and monitor performance.

– One way to start KM in an organization is to consider it as a service

– KM often needs technology, what do you do in front of that kind of people (good funny story about relation with technology ! I know so many people like that…)
More seriously, I like Martin Koser blog, with this relevant post on Management tools and Bain article

– The conventional wisdom today is that the flow of knowledge cannot be organized and driven by IT. Is that true?

– Management of K is not enough, you have too to do things !
– …and always this relation between Innovation and KM techniques

– Librarians are the historically first « knowledge managers » in organizations. Now, all managers are supposed to be ! Are librarians out? Or any manager is the librarian?
– But classification not so easy: look at this good literature synthesis of some connected concepts

– Teaching (I’m a teacher) and KM tools: a relevant list of techniques

– PKM, a new buzzword or individual productivity still a key challenge?
and Davenport’s thoughts about it

– Against dominant thoughts, creating knowledge, tagging changes and improves KM…

– I like this idea about KM strategy to capitalize on know-how can be counterproductive, in the case the know-how you store is average, too low level. It can inhibit employee’s will to experiment.

– KM, organizational learning gurus still alive, studying how KM can be a link between NGO and companies, in case they want to cooperate.
-…and a good way to use knowledge at the bottom of the pyramid

– Are incentives on KM good enough to stimulate K improvement?


Is BI so far from KM? Where is the real frontier?
Does BI concerns more « weak noises », unknown things, intelligence of outside and KM more known things, inside existing knowledge?
BI tools can be applied inside, e.g. to discover new concept through BI analysis of internal stream of messages! So, what new on BI?

– Good strategy and BI: there is a clear convergence between strategy and BI
Data mining is the central tool of any BI mechanism…



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