Mass Customization news….

Created at the beginning of 90’s, Mass Customization is still a heavy trend of the future:

How can a company can offer the high quality/low cost/fast delivery product and service to the market, and, at the same time, customize it perfectly for the client?

How can we play simultaneously a cost strategy and a differentiation strategy?

(french readers can look there to read a short contribution on role of time in MC…)


You will find, in this recent update on the topic:

Page 5: A very nice interview of Joseph Pine II, the author of the initial book on the subject.

Good thoughts about Web2 / Mass Customization synergies, cultural aspects.

Page 8: About personalized newspapers

Page 15-21: Mass Customization and fashion. Key for you life, key for your girl (if you are a boy, otherwise key for you…)


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