Miscellaneous news about processes…

– Even if you are not necessarily a military fan, it is evident that DoD (US Department of Defense, may be the bigger worldwide purchaser ) plays an important role in definition of standards, in rationalization of IT.

(Cals, Step, CMMI, …). This Dod article about processes gives interesting views about defining roles, within an ERP implementation challenge, for Business Process Owners, separating clearly management responsibilities and technical responsibilities….

– About the remanent strategic alignment question:  » must we change organization first, an then implement IT solution , or must we facilitate/force changes with IT first » , P,P,P,I, thinks strategy, processes and people issues must be treated before IT solution choice… More complex in real life.

IT governance and application portfolio techniques not so easy to sell internally in companies…

– Clever way for vendors to (story)tell BPM importance…



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