Random week-end (fast) web readings…

After conducting this test (takes 5 minutes for the first test..), I must admit I am a typical procrastinator (but maybe you are too…)

(I defer very important thinks to do, creating permanent stress for myself…).

I like this article and formula on the topic.

It is surely too late for me to change !!

My permanent auto-justification is the fact I consider not doing things (at the end, I do some things…) is a way to unconsciously regulate myself, in the increasing stress of solicitation created by new communication world and media.


– A rather good online set of articles on Strategic Planning


– IT Gouvernance: Pénétration d’ITIL en augmentation, et quelques règles utiles pour réussir


– All companies nowadays know that main profit gains can come from supplier side, in a globalized world.

(and ….too bad for some suppliers, many ethics issues, where is win-win strategy?, …)

This article give some good rules to follow in that perspective:

Strategic alignment, Cross-functionality, Simplification, ICT enabling, Process sourcing (BPO)



– Killer applications in KM? Good synthesis, but nothing new…

– Information is not knowledge! Wiki example

…and an opposite opinion there

– As mentionned in my 14/1 contribution, role of KM for economies and … need of KM adapted to specific cultures…

– About the permanent fight of librarians inside KM strategies…

– Back to basics: Deming on KM and management


– Good synthesis in this short executive abstract of some current IT market heavy trends:

Outsourcing for stable operations, new emerging technologies bundles, software subscription rather than ownership, …


– Net Neutrality: an permanent issue, not solved…




Some Hi-Tech news for teckies…

– BI (Business Intelligence) data delivered on phones: realistic?

– Moore law again: why not play on connectivity?

– Touch screens for many fingers: applications?

– Bug free software: open source a solution?



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