SOA, is that clear for everybody?

SOA story is a nice one! It was at the top of CIO challenges for 2007, and reemphasised in recent CeBit, …

To consider the best way to develop, maintain application is to design them as independant LEGO buiding blocks, exchanging services is a nice creative dream.
picture, in large companies, of application portfolio shows the real mess:
heterogeneous applications, different programming language, weight of history, big amount of usable application, only a small part being used and a smaller part really useful (using Renault CIO typology)

In that kind of case, SOA is more a modern (desperate?) programming way to try to make these old (and new) applications communicate, creating a layer of web services (communication layer using web xml protocols…).

OK, let’s imagine it will work (in some years…)

Will that solve the « data base » problem, that created this heterogeneity? Every silo in the company has his own view (about what is client, what is a map, what is a piece of material) and therefore about the meaning, the way it must be coded, the information that must be inside….

Sure, a way to avoid all that is to move progressively to an ERP, insuring communication between silos but nobody can suddenly stop the past and move to a new way. And ERPs have got their own « philosophy of life »…

On that:

– is SOA DOA ? (Dead on arrival!)
– Good SOA synthesis by IBM (clear enough)
SOA governance is a must, teams are key…



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