Some basics on frameworks, serious or not?

Can management concept be seriously treated?

Real world modelization is useful. It is good to reflect real thoughts by concepts and frameworks. But where is the limit between ready to use, « gadget » concepts and real thinking?
Just look at this site. Not so bad, but ….

Let’s take, as a basic example, the famous overused BCG growth/share matrix.
We can go further on that on wikipedia, with a bit more in-depth approach.

Look at this one * (I really like this second degree representation). A good representation of the visualization tools. Try it.

Is that enough to understand, or do we need a full business school education on that?


Basic conclusion:

« The map is not the territory » ( Korzybski, « founder » of General Semantics)

Information (even with a good visualization technique) is not Knowledge!

All those models and frameworks become useful only if you have the opportunity to really use them in real situations, in real life!


* I have been warned of this by this nice forum on intelligence (in french, I am member since years…)


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