Some stories, feelings, fairytales about Web2 and some consequences (on KM, …)


This Web2 emphasis is a bit enervating for some people (like me). Any rational?

This big Web2 bag contains a lot of concepts and techniques, sometimes rather new (Ajax, long tail, ..), sometimes rather old (social networks, blogging, forums, …).
Some of those concepts where historically peripheral, borderline, even sometimes freakish, and are now becoming, just because technology is more mature, full mainstream.


– a first immediate consequence is irruption of merchants, vendors, consultants around the concepts
– another consequence is a lack of balance in ideas and marketing.
One exemple: it is not because we have now tools that allow people to participate, to contribute that they will do it!
Some people prefer to be passive, to be softly manipulated by some ideas coming from the others (marketers, politicians,…)

Some recent contributions around these subjects

—- Is Web2 another bubble?
—- Good rebound on web2 & new marketing. B2BC (Business to Business Consumer) concept seems interesting to develop.
—- That implies to move progressively to Entreprise 2.0. Is that so easy?
—- At last, companies are interessed in social networks (« the chart behind the chart »)
—- … and a nice survey on that…
—- so, are we that way entering KM2?
—- Is enterprise 2.0 term equivalent to KM 2.0? Surely not! KM really wider!
—- Short stimulating ideas about social networks replacing KM (but you have to pay for it) !
—- COP’s (community of practices) basic rules
—- but… social networks not so simple. Will we have to manage them?
—- The fundamental question is still alive: Will « semantic web », SOA, …, all those web2 tricks will facilitate impressive new services ? Integrating is sometimes the key. Mashups are in the center. Not so easy !
—- Is web2 replacing, by direct access, consultants? No consultants for Web2?
—- Some happy with blogs …, some not happy
—- May be a better way to understand sociology, but big brother can be there….

but social networks are so nice, so easy to build….


2 Réponses to “Some stories, feelings, fairytales about Web2 and some consequences (on KM, …)”

  1. Mark Carroll Says:

    Hey there. Some good points in your post.

    When I talk to others about where this is going in the next 3 years or so they just go blank. Is it really so far fetched that we actively building this new way of living? I am getting the feeling that the next jump in technology is going to be hard for older people to ‘catch’. What do you think?

    Have a good one!
    Mark Carroll

  2. Jean-François DAVID Says:

    In my opinion, everybody will not be concerned short term by all Web2 features…

    – Access to shared media will touch a lot, just see YouTube…
    – Getting relevant information in « push mode » (Rss, …) will save surfing time…
    – Social Networks will concern many, just look at success of Second Life and LinkedIn…

    but… a lot of Web2 techniques will concern deeply companies, organizations: longtail, (eb)XML, Ajax, Mashups (as an complement to SOA efforts), …

    And about older people…. sorry, I’m 65 and still not outside, and I’m not the only one…

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