Strolling these days around KM, in real life…

Among existing yottabytes of data, we will use, during our life, billions of information (data becomes information when it correspond to some conscious or unconscious project or objective I have…), but how much tacit or explicit knowledge (information embodied after really using it, « learning by doing »…)?

I always was reluctant to the next word, wisdom, the word appearing a bit too spiritual to me. But competency is a good one. In my opinion, competency emerges when knowledge can, in real life, be applied to some specific and useful process

In front of a problem, everybody try to find the perfect expertise.
This is not so easy, our mind is always balanced between confidence and doubts. We are tempted to trust some nice sources, gambling unconsciously between pleasure of finding fast and cold and unpleasant hard work…
People are therefore statistically more tempted by « lovable fools » than by « competent jerks »

So, KM topic still open !
– How can we separate Wheat & Chaff?
– Back to basics, KM jargon
– KM frontiers always moving, from time to time, need of refocus, its relation with HPT (Human Performance Technology)
– Companies have still to define their strategy on that…
– Some quick wins are possible…

What is real value of KM? It is highly of the type of work model we have in an organization, and alignment of decisions with it…

– Profit/employee becomes a new key indicator, even for Wall Street !
– But can we measure KM?
– Is knowledge sharing so easy?
– Must we collect information or can we get it from other sources? The old connection/collection debate…

And this dream of learning?
Can learning be made, with a good KM system, without human intermediation? I don’t think so.
Some steps of learning are:
– Illumination (human based, sort of psychoanalytical transfer mode)
– Deepening (Can be Information based, personal work)
– Project, transforming information into knowledge (Vertical or horizontal human interaction necessary)
And, just for pleasure, why not some contest on KM…?
– Is KM dead?
– Let’s kill KMS (KM Systems)
– Let’s kill Knowledge Management



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