Technology still moving fast

About Moore’s law, Intel still invest strongly in 45 nanometers technology in competition with AMD, IBM, …
For the future, why not quantum computers? May be not ready !
..and atom thin graphite to build transistors…

And this fantastic technology, RFID, with all its opportunities and risks, now at 50 micrometer size !

Man/machines interface:
Suppressing the mouse, eye movement driven computer? It’s an old dream. I already tried that in an IBM research lab years ago. A bit disorienting, with a funny feeling not to be allowed to look anywhere, and a sort of sea-sick impression. I hope they improved !
… and why not connect your brain directly to games?

…and how much data world wide? and what for? If we cannot absorb more than 1 info/s (short term memory size limitation), compute how many information you will be able to absorb during your all life (3 Billions ?). Multiply by the population (6 Billion?)… It give something at the level of zettabytes, considered by IDC as the level of amount of data stored around 2010…
So we will zap more and more !

About the advances about programming bots (intelligent agents), look at these social bots !

And the other face, risks are always there, hackers and co .



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